Tasmanian Irrigation is considering building an irrigation scheme on the Blythe River which would require three new pump stations.

Under the Dial Blythe Irrigation Scheme, currently undergoing a feasibility study, the Water is proposed to be extracted from the Blythe River above the South Riana Road bridge during winter.  It will be stored in a to-be-constructed 2,500ML storage dam at South Riana.

Water will be distributed to the scheme over a 120 day summer irrigation period from December through March each year using 54 km of pipelines and boost pumps.  Three pump stations will be required, one at the dam site, one at South Riana and another at Riana.

Currently 59 farmers have indicated they are interested in participating in the scheme and it is expected that a total of 8630 ha would be irrigated.

For more information, contact Ian Smith (Project Manager) Phone 0488 153 346

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