Three Tasmanian companies have won tenders to construct the $28 million Upper Ringarooma Irrigation Scheme, the Deputy Premier, Bryan Green announced.

Visiting one of the three successful Tasmanian firms, pipe supplier Zezt in Wynyard, Mr Green said he expected work to commence in November.

Mr Green said Shaw Contracting won the tender to design and construct the 6,500ML Dunns Creek dam which is scheduled to be built over the coming two summers.

“VEC Ltd has been awarded the tender to design and construct the network of about 40km of buried distribution pipeline and two pump stations.

“Zezt Pty Ltd will supply the high density polyethylene pipeline used in the distribution system.

“These three contracts total more than $20 million, and will provide a substantial amount of work for all three firms.

“These successful tenders announced today continues the trend for Tasmanian companies to win the overwhelming majority of contracts tendered by Tasmanian Irrigation.

“This will be the third irrigation scheme to be constructed in the North East under the irrigation development program,” he said.

“Jointly funded by farmers and the Federal and State Governments, the scheme is based on a large earthen dam on Dunns Creeks and will deliver 5700ML annually to more than 10,000ha of productive agricultural land around Ringarooma, Legerwood and Branxholm.”

Mr Green said that the region to be serviced by the scheme was a major dairying district but also produced potatoes, vegetables, poppies, wheat and pasture for livestock finishing.

Water from the project will be delivered in time for the 2015-16 irrigation season.

“The State Government is growing jobs and enabling sector expansion through a massive expansion in irrigation infrastructure already being rolled out across the state.

“In this year’s budget we provided an additional $38.8 million to continue this work, and have provided $1.65 million to attract investment.

“New product and market opportunities are being developed with the agricultural sector to convert this increased water availability into the maximum jobs and economic benefit for Tasmania, including through $4.8 million this year to the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture.”

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