TasWater has replaced Pioneer’s reticulation network, bringing the treated drinking water supply pipeline closer to completion.

The existing TasWater-owned network in the north-east town has been completely replaced and is ready for testing and commissioning.

The installation of the mains system, to feed the town network, is continuing and will be connected in the coming months.

Once complete, the project will deliver safe and reliable drinking water to Pioneer’s residents via the continuation of the Ringarooma Valley water scheme.

TasWater Acting General Manager Project Delivery, Tim Cubit, said the project was ahead of schedule.

“We made a promise to the people of Pioneer that we would deliver safe, reliable drinking water by May 2023 and we can proudly say we are well on track to achieve this, weeks ahead of schedule,” Mr Cubit said.

“Meter installation is underway, and in the coming weeks our team will undertake commissioning of the network and water quality testing.

“We are now very close to turning on the tap to Pioneer.”


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