What is WEG Motor Scan?

WEG Motor Scan is a performance monitoring solution intended for use with electric motors from 63 up to 450 frame.

A sensor mounted on the motor collects performance data and sends it to a user interface (smartphone, tablet or the WEG IoT Platform) where it can be analysed, thereby enabling predictive maintenance, optimising uptime and greatly extending the service life of the motor.

How does the WEG Motor Scan work?

Via a single screw fixing, a pre-configured Motor Scan Sensor is attached to the motor where it immediately begins to collect performance data without the need for any discrete wiring.

At any time, the data can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, iOS or Android, via a purpose designed app. The data can then be analysed via several simple, yet highly informative screens, allowing for faster and more assertive decisions to be made. 

WEG Motor Scan
WEG Motor Scan

Should a more detailed analysis of the data be required, it can be sent from the smartphone or tablet to the Cloud to the WEG IoT Platform, all at the discretion of the user.

Alternatively, for increased range and automatic uploading of data to the WEG IoT, a gateway router is available.

The router automatically sends information from multiple sensors to the Cloud via Wi-fi, Ethernet or 3G/4G, allowing immediate remote monitoring and analysis of the motors’ performance.

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