WaterNSW has announced a NSW Government temporary pump restriction in now in place to preserve flows in the northern river valleys for towns, stock and domestic supply.

With much welcome high rainfall levels in some parts of NSW, the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) put in place a restriction order to protect flows for critical needs in the northern basin.

The restrictions will apply from 17 January until 31 January 2020. The restriction does not apply to any existing orders made for releases from storages.

Access to the flows for town water, domestic and stock supply and basic landholder rights is permitted.

The restriction applies to commercial water users in the northern inland river systems, excluding those Macquarie and Gwydir regulated rivers with high security account water where delivery of orders has been accepted.

The objective is to protect any flows generated by rain to secure critical local water supplies and potentially improve connectivity through the river system.

WaterNSW said it will monitor rainfall and advise the department if there are any flows resulting from rain events that may warrant lifting of the restriction prior to 31 January.

WaterNSW will also advise customers as soon as the temporary restrictions can be lifted in their area. Licence holders are encouraged to ensure that WaterNSW has their contact information.

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