Seqwater has announced the temporary suspension of fluoridation at its Landers Shute Water Treatment Plant as part of an upgrade to the facility.

The upgrade includes the installation of a new dosing system and, as such, there will be no fluoride added to the drinking water until the work has been completed.

Queensland Health and Unitywater have been advised of the temporary water fluoridation suspension to homes and businesses around the Sunshine Coast, as well as parts of Moreton Bay. 

Queensland Health has advised there is no need for the community to take any action with a shutdown of this duration as the dental health benefits of fluoride are achieved and maintained over many years.

Water fluoridation is the process of adding fluoride to a water source so the level of fluoride in the water reaches the recommended level for optimal dental health.

In South East Queensland, fluoride is added to the water supply at a level of 0.8mg per litre in accordance with the Water Fluoridation Act 2008, Water Fluoridation Regulation 2020 and Water Fluoridation Code of Practice 2021.

The plant will continue to supply drinking water from the Baroon Pocket catchment to Unitywater’s network throughout the upgrade.

It is anticipated that fluoride dosing will resume in September 2024.

Featured image: Landers Shute Water Treatment Plant. Image credit: Seqwater.

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