Laying a water pipeline

GWMWater is set to extend its sewerage network in order to service a new residential development at Green Hill Lake, near Ararat.

A tender has been awarded to S&R Engineering and Construction for the construction of a gravity sewer main to service the new estate.

GWMWater Managing Director, Mark Williams, said the construction of the gravity sewer will not only service the immediate development, but could also command adjacent land that has been earmarked for further residential development. 

“The gravity sewer is a solution that was agreed with the developer and will provide the most cost-effective long-term solution,” Mr Williams said.

156ha of farmland was re-zoned to ‘General Residential’ in the Green Hill Lake area in 2013 and a reticulated sewerage system was required for the proposed development.

At the same time, GWMWater was undertaking a sewerage augmentation project in Ararat to address challenges with sewer capacity in the Alfred Street area during high intensity rainfall events. 

GWMWater was alerted to the proposed development by Ararat Rural City Council and was able to build a new pump station at Heath Street, further east. 

This was completed in 2016, in anticipation that the Green Hill Lake development would progress.

“To address both issues, GWMWater decided to redirect Alfred Street sewer flows to a new pump station at Heath Street in Ararat. This pump station was designed to have sufficient capacity and depth to service the Green Hill Lake development by gravity,” Mr Williams said. 

Works for the project are expected to be complete by mid-2024.

“Investing in our sewerage infrastructure is important to ensure the liveability of our communities for generations to come,” Mr Williams said.

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