Alexandrina Council has issued a tender for the Hindmarsh Island North Rising Main, O’Connell Avenue Subdivision to Vercoe Terrace. The project will entail construction of a new dual chamber pump station and rising main.

The pump station will receive wastewater flow from the new development as well as several adjacent developments. The rising main will transfer wastewater from Hindmarsh Island to the Goolwa wastewater treatment system.

The construction of a Rising Main will start from lot 10 O’Çonnell Avenue Hindmarsh Island and will ultimately inject into the existing Goolwa wastewater system at an existing 225mm pipe in Vercoe Terrace, Goolwa. The total pipeline is approximately 2.2 kms in length, including 350 m of DICL fixed to the underside of the Hindmarsh Island Bridge.

The rising main is in three main sections; 150mm PVC on Hindmarsh Island, 150mm DICL across Hindmarsh Island Bridge and 150mm PVC in Goolwa. There are also three sections involving underboring of railway tracks which will be of 180mm HDPE.

Enquiries should be submitted to Craig Ostigh of Alexandrina Council (08) 8555 7000 or [email protected] The tender closes at 2:00 PM Adelaide time 28 November 2012

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