SunWater’s Kenya to Chinchilla Weir Pipeline (QLD) is now in its post commissioning phase and fully operational. The asset includes a pump station and control building at the Kenya site, 17 downstream metered customer offtakes and one surge tank.

This request for offer includes 6 packages of work that are for necessary enhancements and modifications to the pipeline and its ancillary equipment that have been identified during the commissioning period.

The scope of works include:

1. Pump Cable Maintenance Terminations;
2. On-Pond and Downstream Customer Offtake Metering;
3. Ergon-Backed UPS Supply;
4. Solar Panel Support Frames;
5. Supply Fan Thermostat Control; and
6. Consumer Offtake – Equipment Isolation System Modifications.

There is a scheduled shutdown from 26 September to 3 October 2014 during which the Pump Cable Maintenance Terminations scope of work will be required to be completed.

Submissions close: 2:00PM Brisbane time, Tuesday the 5th of August 2014.

For further information or application details see the tender webpage.


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