The Department of defence is seeking a range of pump-related tenders as part of the RAAF Base Redevelopment in  East Sale, Victoria.
Thiess are currently contracted as the Managing Contractor for the major redevelopment.

Open tenders include;

Site wide Fire services Infrastructure, including
• Jacking pump
• Electric pump
• Diesel pump with fuel tanks
• Fire pump control panels
• Excluding the pump house slab and structure

Site wide Hydraulics infrastructure, including
• Approx. 3.5 km of new copper and PVC pipe
• Over 100 new isolation valves
• A combination of new and remediation of existing sewer and stormwater lines
• New sewer pump station
• Biofilters and treatment of stormwater
• 1.6 km of 110mm dia natural gas pipework and 1.3 km of a combination of 63 and 32 mm dia pipe.
• Upgrade or replace approx. 50 gas meters.

Civil works and site preparation for the living-in accommodation, including silt control, temp fencing, carparks, building platforms, 250m of road to the Water Treatment plant, and building platform, pads and building structure for the Fire Pump Room and Bore Water treatment plant.

Tenders close December 5 2012 and more information is available from the ICN Gateway


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