Sydney Water (NSW) is seeking to purchase instrumentation, spares and ancillary equipment in order to upgrade and replace up to 110 existing long-term sewer gauge monitors. SWC is planning to install and commission this new equipment by 31 October 2014.

Sewer gauging provides SWC with the foundation of system modelling which supports License compliance, reporting and strategic planning for overflow abatement.

The data collected from sewer gauging is used to:

  • Determine system capacity and flows
  • Monitor frequency and duration of overflow and surcharge
  • Assess and predict flows and capacities
  • Assess effectiveness of sewer renewal programmes

The accuracy, reliability, continuity and compatibility of the flow data acquired from these instrument systems are critical requirements for the planning and maintenance functions of SWC, especially data from wet weather events. SWC has increasing business needs for improved data accuracy, instrumentation reliability and operational safety in harsh, hazardous sewer environments.

Sewer monitoring systems (comprising of sensor, logger, power and telemetry components) are required for both fully powered sites with environmental housing and stand-alone sites (in a sewer manhole).

Below is a summary of benefits SWC is seeking to gain from this supply contract:

  • Improve safety and reduce entry to sewer environments by utilising reliable and accurate instrumentation with appropriate technology
  • Utilise technology which will assist in providing net cost saving, for example:

> reliability of operation in harsh environments
> accuracy of sensor
> remote telemetry
> ease of use of hardware and software
> reduced operation, maintenance and material costs
> reduced data editing.

  • Improve data capture, reliability and timeliness of information, particularly during wet weather and surcharge events
  • Logger/telemetry software is without restrictive communications protocols and/or restrictive licenses
  • Instrumentation technologies have telemetry/alarming capability and able to be connected to the SWC IICATS SCADA system. This will allow the instrumentation to be contacted remotely
  • The instrumentation having the capability to provide data via FTP and/or other data transfer technologies
  • Proven low powered operation sensor performance with minimal fouling, calibration and overall reliability in monitoring all ranges of sewer flow conditions in harsh environments, unattended for extended periods
  • Ease of installation, calibration and operation of instrumentation
  • Fixed price parts replacement, repairs and technical advice
  • Responsive, timely and cost effective after sales local (Australia) service advice and training from successful instrument supplier.

Submissions close: 9:30AM Sydney time, Thursday the 31st of July 2014.

For further information or application details see the tender webpage.


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