Blacktown City Council (NSW) requires experienced contractors in sports field irrigation works and drainage works for three separate packages of work.

The works under this contract will generally include:

Part A: Irrigation

Part A is for the installation of fully functional pop up irrigation systems, including water storage tanks, submersible pumps, main line pipes, lateral pipes, sprinkler risers and heads, and all valves and cabling to a controller which will be installed in a lockable box and connected to the power supply. The council will provide the design of standard field irrigation system, and intends to use standard designs for all new and re-constructed sports fields. Irrigation systems for standard types of fields have been designed and drawings provided.

Lump sum prices are required to be submitted for supply and installation of the irrigation system to these fields, together with unit rates to cover works not included in the lump sum price, such as supply of the metered water from the water main and the power supply to the irrigation and pump controls. Where any field requires any variation to the standard field design, the standard design drawings may be checked by a consultant (refer to Part C) and amended to suit the requirements.

The categories of standard sports fields are:

• Football as a single field or as two fields,

• Australian football (AFL) single field with allowance for double football and cricket

• Baseball / softball as a single field

All irrigation systems will be set up with the system having the ability to separately water particular areas independently of the remainder of the field. Part circle sprinklers may be required around the perimeter of the sports fields in such a way that there is no irrigation supplied to areas outside the turf surface where applicable.

Part B: Drainage

Part B is for the installation of sub-soil drainage systems for standard sports fields. Lump sum prices must be submitted for the excavation, supply and lay drainage pipe, backfill with approved sand, supply and install drainage collector pit/s.

Additional unit rates items must also be provided for supply and lay drainage pipework from collector pit/s to the stormwater drainage system and optional recycling of the drainage water to a holding tank and pumped to the water storage tank.

The categories of standard sports fields are:

• Football as a single field or as two fields.

• Australian football (AFL) single field with allowance for double football and cricket.

• Baseball / softball as a single field.

Part C: Design Consultancy

Part C is for experienced and qualified irrigation and drainage consultants to tender hourly rates for carrying out designs based upon the Council standard designs but where the park area/s require additional or amended irrigation and/or drainage.

Generally this will be in the sizing and selection of main line pipes, pump type and size, ring main and/or sprinkler nozzle. Alterations to the wiring, valve configuration and control system may also be required.

Any non-standard park areas or requirements to install non-standard field irrigation and/or drainage works will require a new design.

Parts A and B will be assessed and awarded separately to one or more successful tenderers.

Part C may be set up as a panel of preferred consultants, or awarded to one or more tenderers.

Submissions close: Wednesday the 24th of September 2014.

For further information or application details see the tender webpage.

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