Ipswich City Council (QLD) is seeking tenders for the supply and installation of sports field irrigation to five Ipswich locations.

The successful contractor will complete the design and construction services for the project. The project has been separated into five separable portions with each portion having a different practical completion date:

(a) Separable Portion 1:  Redbank Recreation Reserve Field A, 100 Cedar Rd, Redbank Plains

(b) Separable Portion 2:  Redbank Recreation Reserve Field E, 100 Cedar Rd, Redbank Plains

(c) Separable Portion 3:  Limestone Park, Chermside Rd, Ipswich

(d) Separable Portion 4:  Caledonian Park, 32-42 Adelong Avenue, Thagoona

(e) Separable Portion 5:  George and Eileen Hastings, 125 Chubb St, One Mile

Submissions to tender close 6 September 2016.

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