Wannon Water (VIC) is seeking tenders for water main renewal and associated works in Mortlake in western Victoria.

The works include all labour, materials and plant necessary to complete the following:

  • Construct a replacement water main in Spring Street (DN100 chainage 0m to 257m), Kerr Street (chainage 0m to 455m) and Webster Street (DN100 chainage 0m to 220m and DN150 chainage 220m to 381m)
  • Construct new service connections from the replacement mains up to the existing meters and decommission existing service connections
  • Liaise with property owners and occupiers adjacent to the works
  • Conduct all necessary surveys, including confirming the identification of size, type and location of existing water property services (including fire services) and any water meters for properties which are currently supplied via the main which is to be replaced
  • Obtaining all required approvals prior to the commencement of works, including, municipality approvals; Vic Roads approvals and service utility approvals
  • Supply and delivery of all required materials, equipment and plant to complete the works
  • Installation of all required bedding, pipes, fittings, backfill, fireplugs, valves, scour valves, air valves, marker tape, reinstatement etc.
  • Testing, connection and disinfection of the installed mains to existing reticulation
  • Reparation of, compliance with and implementation of Traffic Management Plans which comply with AS1742.3 2009 Traffic Control for Works on Roads, Worksite Traffic Management Code of Practice 2010 and any Vic Roads and/or Council requirements
  • Prompt and full reinstatement of all disturbed surfaces
  • Clean up, including removal and legal disposal of rubbish, excess material etc.
  • Certification from the relevant Road Authority (VicRoads and/or municipality) approving reinstatement within road reserves

Submissions to tender close 2 November 2016.

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