Let’s talk. Do you want to increase the productivity of your existing plant? Are you interested in knowing the heartbeat of your machinery so you can make better and more informed decisions?

Initiatives that improve plant and machinery efficiency are a topic of great relevance and importance to all stakeholders, including business owners, plant managers, maintenance managers and shareholders.

Achieving higher efficiencies and productivity effectively ensures that your machinery and processes are running at their most optimum level, which can help avoid nasty

But how to start a focused initiative can present a difficult decision. Do you buy new machinery or improve the condition and output of your existing machinery?

How to evaluate the health of machinery easily and efficiently, so that you can visualise and then analyse the information, presents even more questions . These questions
are extremely important in understanding the practical implementation of a possible solution before you commit to any particular technology.

In order to answer these questions, we first need to evaluate and understand the criticality of machines, such as downtime repercussions and possible failures associated with that piece of machinery.

Once these two underlying points have been identified, a range of sensors can be installed to help monitor — and potentially predict — the failure before it occurs. The use of sensors and associated technologies can warn organisations of impending machine failures and unplanned downtime.

An organisation can then allow for planned downtime and is appropriately equipped to manage the asset, precisely solving the problem reported. This leads to a reduction in costs, which will in turn increase machine uptime and availability.

ifm has a range of sensors and analytic systems that can be easily installed and commissioned on rotating or non-rotating machinery. The sensors can be connected to intelligent gateways using IO-Link technology — so the data generated can be sent to a server and IT platforms — which is the basis for Industry 4.0.

Furthermore, ifm also has a range of options for monitoring the vibrations of machinery, with sensors that can help assist maintenance staff in monitoring unbalance, looseness, bearing damage, misalignment and cavitation etc.

All the information on the server can be visualised on ifm’s SmartObserver software — which makes the system plug and play — a solution that is both low cost and highly scalable to suit the individual machine or process.

Talk with us today to discuss your ideal solution.

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