APMA is formed

By the early 1960s the industry had grown to the point where the Australian Government saw the export potential for pumps in the region, and encouraged the formation of a Pump Association to promote the idea.

The Australian Pump Manufacturers Association (APMA) was first considered in 1963 and then officially came into being in late 1964.

1This association’s formation followed a trip to Africa by Dr Bruce Sharp, who undertook a three month study of the pumps and pump systems used on the continent, between January and March 1964. During the tour, Dr Sharp visited countries including South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and Nigeria.

Upon Dr Sharp’s return, he provided the Australian Government a report which outlined his findings throughout the tour. This report was also provided to a number of prominent pump companies all of whom contributed to the financial costs of preparing the report.

The main outcome of the report was the formation of APMA in the latter half of 1964. The formation of a pump manufacturers association had also been strongly encouraged by the federal government of the time.

Following his African tour, Dr Sharp was heavily involved in the formation of APMA, and as a result, is widely credited as being the father of the association. He was inducted as a Life Member in 2010.

Companies involved in the formation of APMA included Southern Cross, Thompsons, Kelly & Lewis, Ajax, IEL and Mono. Along with Dr Sharp, George Snow of Mono played a major role in the early days of the association. Both men were significant contributors to the development of the association and current members owe a great deal to their active involvement during the early years of the APMA.

In addition, many of the current PIA Life Members were active in the early development of the APMA. These include David Macpherson, who served on the APMA technical committee, and in the 1970s was the Chairman of that committee.

BBE-Histroy---Workshop-Full-ImageIn 1965, the formation of the Association was commended by the then Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Trade and Industry, John McEwen. It read:

“The formation of an industry association by Australian pump manufacturers could make an important contribution to the export drive, the Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Trade and Industry, Mr J McEwen, said today.

“He was referring to the establishment by the industry of the Australian Pump Manufacturers Association (APMA).

“The association had been constituted to foster the industry and to provide a channel for consultation with Government.

“Experience gained from a joint approach to export markets by a group of Australian pump manufacturers had laid the foundation of the association.

“The Department of Trade and Industry had worked closely with manufacturers in 1964 when a technical survey of export markets in African countries had been undertaken, and subsequently in forming the association.

“Mr McEwen said that such collaboration by manufacturers was another example of new and imaginative ways of attacking export markets.

“He commended this industry approach to export and confirmed the Government’s desire to work with other industry groups in this similar way.”

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