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PIA_Logo_Colour-(1)Over the past 50 years, the APMA and PIA has consistently adjusted its activities to take into account the changing nature of the global pump market and its impact in Australia.

Today, the association’s membership ranges from multinational companies, who are ‘full-liners’ in the industry, through to small independent businesses who specialise in providing products and services for niche markets.

One thing all members can agree on, is the fact that no matter how many changes the Australian pump industry may undergo, there is one steady constant: the fact that the world will always need pumps.

As Ken Kugler said, “We will always need pumps, simply because no liquid will move uphill without one.”

Bob Moore agreed. “With the exception of electric motors, pumps are probably the most widely used items of rotary machinery in the world today. Even in depressed economic times there is always some industry or government department requiring pumping equipment.

Old-field-day“Those companies still in manufacturing must look to continuous modernisation of machine tools and processes to reduce the labour element to a minimum. Both manufacturers and importers must continually train staff to be skilled in pump application and product knowledge.

“All PIA members should look beyond just the pump to the system requiring the pump. They should expand their effort to solve the customers’ problems by offering complete systems.”

Current PIA Board Member, Martin O’Connor, Regional Sales Manager for KSB Australia, believes that while the industry continues to evolve, the opportunities for forward-thinking companies are there.

“There are great opportunities for the future of the pump industry. By focusing on new technology, and concentrating not only on pumps but expanding into ancillary products such as pipes, valves, couplings and various types of drives, we can promote an extended product approach in order to improve and optimise systems.”

Ron-astall-3Martin believes there are three key areas for the PIA to focus on moving forward: establishing itself as the single, authoritative voice of the industry’s manufacturers and suppliers; ensuring suppliers meet the minimum standards with regards to both product and technical information; and maintaining a list of members with accreditations and capabilities within the industry that clients can rely upon.

2012 also saw the launch of Pump Industry, now the PIA’s official magazine which is helping to communicate the association’s message to a far wider audience both in print and online.

President Ron Astall reflected that the best qualities of the association always come back to the people that have been involved over the years, working on a voluntary basis to promote and develop the Australian pump industry.

“Throughout my involvement in APMA and PIA, the one thing that stands out is the quality of the people and the relationships. Whilst the PIA is much more than a networking opportunity, these relationships have helped me build my career and experience in the pump industry a great deal and for that I am very grateful.”

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