Ebara is known worldwide as one of the largest and most diverse manufacturers of custom, industrial and general purpose pumps. Since its beginnings in Japan over 100 years ago, the Ebara Corporation has been a major supplier of pumping equipment to Japanese industry, and over the last 50 years expanded to all industrial markets worldwide. 

Ebara has factories and sales offices in six continents and has recently undertaken a major globalisation of its standard industrial product range.

This includes the introduction of a new range of EN733 end suction pumps, and a redesigned and economical vertical multistage pump.

In Australia, the Ebara name has been renowned for its quality and reliability. The Ebara Pumps Australia standard product line has been sold and supported in Australia for over 30 years.

Many Ebara custom pumps have also been installed in Australian and New Zealand power stations and in industry for over 40 years with trouble free operation.

The new products have been designed to global standards to suit the world market, and are manufactured at Ebara owned and managed factories in Europe and South East Asia.

This is building on the 100 years of Japanese technology and engineering expertise obtained in the manufacturing of high-end custom pumps.

Ebara continues to supply world-leading pumps. Two recent examples are shown below:

Ebara has supplied some of the world’s largest boiler feed pumps to supercritical power plants in China. These were the first single pumps capable of supplying boiler feed water to an entire 1,000MW power plant.

Ebara has recently manufactured its largest submersible pump in terms of length and motor power. This will be installed at Lake Mead to supply water to Las Vegas, US.

Discharge: 500mm (20″) Power: 37,000 kW (37 MW) Duty: 3,200t/hr @ 3,800m.hd.


Diameter: 900mm Motor Power: 2,500kW Duty: 79m3/min @ 132m.hd. Length*: 130m. Length*: The pump is assembled with 24 x 5.2m column pipes














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