“When we started to think about Esybox Max, we asked ourselves how to manage the evolution of the Esybox range. It was clear from the very beginning, it could not just be something bigger. We felt we had to bring forward the path of evolution, completely changing the rules of the game for booster sets in residential and commercial buildings. Esybox Max is the outcome of listening to and communicating with many different people who will be in direct contact with the product.”

Introducing a new concept and industry first in the booster set industry, Esybox Max is an integrated pumping system for pressurisation in commercial building services.

Available in two power sizes, it consists of modular elements that allow different configurations to cover the needs of medium/large apartment blocks and high buildings (even over 14 floors).

Each unit consists of the single, double or triple connection base and the pumping units – a four-pump system is available with the additional kit to connect two double bases.

Large energy savings are achieved with the DAB inverter combined with a brand new permanent magnet motor. DAB also designed completely new hydraulics, making it leaps ahead in terms of energy efficiency. But it is not just energy efficiency that is at the forefront of this new technology.

Esybox Max will improve the storage efficiency in the warehouse. Where there was once one booster occupying space, you can now fit three twin pump booster sets in its place. This allows people to store the full range on one pallet, meaning a customer can pick up an off the shelf booster solution of up to four pumps the same day.

Keeping it flexible, DAB has the on-site assembly concept. So if you have difficulties getting to the pump’s location, due to narrow stairways and corridors etc., you can choose to assemble your booster on-site which will only require moving smaller, lighter boxes into the location then carrying out a quick and easy assembly.


The Esybox Max also offers full connectivity and control using DAB’s DConnect technology which is built into the pump and offers many more advantages than typical BMS systems.

Performance, data storage and remote monitoring support users, and facility managers can control their pumps from anywhere, making sure that the running parameters of the pumps follow project specifications exactly and avoiding any possible site issues for complete peace of mind.

1 Display
2 Inverter
3 Module Wifi/Bluetooth
4 Pressure sensor (delivery side)
5 Pressure sensor (suction side)
6 Non-return valve
7 Two Litre expansion tank
8 Impellers
9 Hydraulic connections
10 Fast connection tool
11 Water cooled permanent magnet motor
12 Handles

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