Digital asset monitoring

Unplanned production downtime is one of the key reasons for lost productivity and profitability in a sector. Corrective maintenance events can be avoided by continually monitoring machine parts and equipment online.

With the help of hardware for data collecting, gateways for transmission to the cloud, software for data visualisation and sophisticated analysis, and operational and maintenance staff, the WEG Motion Fleet Management solution is a high-level tool for managing and monitoring industrial fleets. With WEG Motion Fleet Management, a well-planned predictive maintenance methodology can be implemented while keeping an eye on the asset’s operational state.

Online asset condition monitoring has a big impact on how well operational and maintenance resources are used, including spare parts management, increased asset availability, and the reduction of both direct and indirect costs. Since a sudden breakdown typically results in stress and deterioration of the equipment’s mechanical and electrical components, methods of this kind also help to extend asset lifetime.

Smart condition monitoring to your fleet

WEG Motion Fleet Management is designed to be the best way to keep track of and improve the availability of the industrial fleet. It was created to bring more practicality and agility to the operation, maintenance, and management of industrial facilities. Asset monitoring is possible at any time and from any location thanks to cloud computing technologies.

The operating status of low and medium voltage motors and drives (inverters and soft-starters), gearboxes, gearmotors, compressors, and other assets used in any industry or installation can be determined with the help of the WEG Motion Fleet Management. Valuable insights are produced by routine data gathering and sophisticated data processing, both at the edge and in the cloud.

By keeping an eye on how the fleet is operating, predictive maintenance plans can be created (condition-based maintenance). With this strategy, fewer unplanned stops occur, repair actions are optimised, and the operation and maintenance team’s decision-making process is sped up. The drive fleet will eventually have greater availability and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Advantages and benefits of the WEG Motion Fleet Management Solution:

  • Ability to monitor several assets and plants in a single environment
  • Ecosystem in constant development, both hardware and software
  • Fleet management view with reports and indicators
  • Ready-to-use solution, just register the WEG Scans in the application and use it
  • Customised layouts for navigation at various levels (geolocation, site, plant, device)
  • Definition of favourite assets for easy tracking of their status
  • Daily notifications of assets in alert and/or critical state (via email)
  • Customisation of tolerances to generate alerts and notifications
  • Enables maintenance management based on the operational condition of the assets
  • Dashboards with indicators, graphics, and history of measured data
  • Screens for user and subscription management
  • Flexible solution available to service providers
  • Operational cost reduction (TCO, total cost of ownership)
  • Multi-language application

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