The environmental remediation of contaminated sites is a complex operation that requires multiple technological solutions. The solutions deployed for the removal and treatment of contaminants vary from site to site, with strict environmental regulations necessitating the need for flexibility in equipment. With over a decade of experience designing and engineering tanks for on-site wastewater and liquid treatment, SCF’s tanks and bunded containers have been utilised in multiple wastewater and remediation projects across the country. SCF recently collaborated with contamination environmental remediation specialists, Sarjaro, to supply a range of Bulk Liquid Storage Tanks, ISO Tanks and Dangerous Goods Containers, as part of a major wastewater remediation project north of Brisbane.

Following the acquisition of the 200-hectare Petrie Paper Mill Site in 2015 by the Moreton Bay Regional Council, Sarjaro was engaged by Orora to design, manufacture, install, commission, operate and maintain a bespoke multi barrier water treatment plant (WTP) to remediate soil, groundwater, surface water and other sediments.

The safe removal of 60 pollutants including multiple Per and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), metals and hydrocarbons, whilst adhering to strict regulatory limits, will allow discharge into the North Pine River and adjacent Moreton Bay Marine Park.

Building on a strong existing relationship with SCF, Sarjaro approached the company to supply multiple tank and chemical storage container solutions for the Petrie Mill site.

With limited space available, SCF was able to provide a range of equipment, which minimised the WTP footprint. It is expected the operation will process and treat up to 300 Megalitres of water over the next two years utilising the following SCF equipment:

• 25ft 37,000L Bulk Liquid Storage Tanks

• 45ft 77,000L Baffled Flow Back Tanks

• 20ft 24,000L Stainless Steel ISO Tanks

• 20ft Bolsters (Platforms)

• 20ft Single Side Opening Dangerous Goods Containers

• 20ft Site Offices

SCF 25ft Bulk Liquid Tanks, 45ft Flowback Tanks and Dangerous Goods Containers connected in sequence for water remediation on site

Andrew Reardon, Sarjaro Founder and Managing Director, said SCF was selected as the supply partner due to the company’s ability to provide modular equipment design, easier and more cost-effective transport and set-up when compared with conventional round polyethylene tanks, which take up twice the surface area of rectangular tanks, and are more expensive to handle.

“By using SCF Bulk Liquid Storage rectangular tanks, we can fit in the same water treatment plant, with the same capacity in half the surface area than if you use poly tanks,” Andrew said. “SCF also has tight quality controls with the design of their equipment, and there are features that other tanks don’t have, like baffles and weirs – systems that keep things in suspension – and there’s certain mechanisms within the tanks that allow us to pump and recirculate the water.

This keeps adsorption media within suspension which is critical for water treatment.” It is these features that has made SCF a popular choice for use in many environmental remediation and wastewater projects across Australia, for some of the nation’s largest resources, construction, and environmental management companies.

Jamie Driscoll, General Manager Tanks at SCF, said his tanks are designed and engineered in Australia to withstand harsh environmental conditions – which are exacerbated at remote locations – and to meet the strictest regulatory standards. With a team of tank specialists located across the country, SCF can provide custom-built tank and container solutions, or hire options, for equipment from their expansive product range.

“Each customer’s project is unique, so each solution is tailored for site specific requirements. Our collective expertise in water remediation means the customer benefits from SCF’s years of experience in the field.”

SCF has a range of Bulk Liquid Storage tank types and sizes that are available to meet customers’ specific storage capacity and liquid mixing requirements.

The product range benefits include:

• Portability – When the tanks are empty they can be quickly moved or transported to the next site, once a project is complete

• Transportability – The tanks are skid mounted, which means they are transportable and certified for rail and road

• Scalability – ‘Tank farm’ configurations allow tanks to be joined, then added or reduced to match the storage capacity requirements of the site

• Stackability – As the tanks are stackable, they are suitable for space constrained sites or where a smaller site footprint is desired

• Flexibility – Tanks can be hired for the duration of a project, allowing for them to be dehired once it has been completed

Jamie also highlighted the cost saving benefit of using Bulk Liquid Storage tanks as part of onsite WTPs, when compared to the cost of using water tankers to take fluids off-site for treatment.

Multiple media filtration vessels and pumps within a bunded SCF Dangerous Goods Container for safe and secure operation

“Storing and treating wastewater on site is more efficient than waiting around for water tankers, particularly if the remediated fluids are to be discharged back to the surrounding environment.

“As well as eliminating the need to cart water offsite, SCF tanks can also mitigate the need for permanent tank structures, and as they are modular, they reduce site footprint.”

The smaller site footprint was a deciding factor for Sarjaro, who required a solution for multiple stages of wastewater at the project.

Throughout the WTP, a diverse range of pumps are housed in modified SCF containers including:

• Two Lowara Multistage Vertical Centrifugal Pumps, including integrated Hydrovar microprocessor variable frequency drives

• Two Ebara Horizontal Centre Line Discharge Centrifugal Pumps, including integrated Omron variable frequency drives

• Two Regent Horizontal Centre Line Discharge Centrifugal Pumps, including integrated WEG variable frequency drives

• Two Ultraflow Submersible Pumps and four Grundfos Diaphragm Dosing Pumps, for pH control chemical transfer and dosing

• Eight IFM Flowmeters, Programmable Logic Controllers, Graphic User Interface, Telemetry and Instrumentation throughout

All the various pumps are located throughout the WTP to transfer water in between each of the treatment stages, including the associated SCF tanks and containers.

SCF 45ft Baffled Flowback Tank with handrails erected for added safety when treating wastewater

“I have had the privilege of working with SCF for over a decade. In that time they have always provided impeccable customer service, with a focus on delivering quality equipment, on time, and at good value for money.

SCF has been instrumental in providing Sarjaro adequate support to enable the completion of many high profile environmentally, politically and community sensitive projects throughout Australia,” Andrew said.

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