Corrosion has always been a challenge for pump manufacturers, especially in brine, seawater, acid, chlorinated water and alkaline liquid circuits. The use of thermoplastics in pump construction is proving to be an innovative and effective solution and has quickly gained popularity in Europe.

The Nozbart Thermoplastic Pump range brings a cost-effective, corrosion-free and beautifully designed solution to the Australasian pumping market. Distributed by Action Aquatics, the new thermoplastic range provides smooth internal surfaces which reduce turbulence and noise, whilst being lightweight and almost silent during operation. The range of models is wide, covering duties as small as 2m³/hr to over 500m³/hr with a pump heads up to 32metres.

These thermoplastic pumps are ideal for aquaculture and marine circuits, swimming pools, water parks, cooling tower circuits, milk and food grade pumping circuits, and large public aquariums.

After test-running Nozbart pumps for three years in Australia across a range of environments including seawater installations, aquariums, water parks and pools, Action Aquatics have recently launched these pumps at the Australian Water Association Conference in Adelaide with resounding success.

On first sight, these pumps have a modern new look about them. The volute and discharge are made up of a number of major components, each of which can be replaced in minutes. The modern design is incredibly lightweight and even the largest pumps within the range can be lifted by one person, doing away with the need for overhead cranes and special lifting devices. The brass and stainless nuts and bolts do not corrode and even after years of use, come apart with ease. It also allows for quick installation and disassembly.

There are no metals in contact with the liquid pumped. The impeller is made from high strength reinforced thermoplastic and all other components are made from a unique thermoplastic.

The thermoplastic body absorbs sound, so much so that there have been a number of instances where pumps have been reported as having stopped, only to find that they are running normally, but silently. This means that where a decibel rating is part of a specification, these thermoplastic pumps could provide an answer.

There is no doubt that thermoplastic pumps will bring about radical changes to the pump industry, especially where corrosive liquids are being pumped.

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