The development of Smart Conveying Technology, or SCT, is a revolutionary development in progressive cavity pumping and offers huge savings in both time and maintenance.

With the creation of “Smart Stator Technology” in 2008, seepex introduced a conveying solution which significantly reduced maintenance, assembly and dismantling time for pumps. This uniquely innovative design, which has a global patent pending, separated the Smart Stator into two halves, radically optimizing progressive cavity pumping technology.

Since it was launched, it has been successfully installed into thousands of pumping applications in all industries on all continents of the world. The satisfaction expressed by customers has inspired the company to design ‘Smart Conveying Technology’ which will generate even greater time savings.

‘Smart Conveying Technology’ – ‘SCT’ is the next logical development in creating the most user friendly, high efficiency, re-adjustable, economical and environmentally friendly pump ever produced.

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SCT now includes as standard a quick release Smart Rotor, allowing the replacement of the rotor in a few simple steps without the need to remove the pump from position or remove either the suction or discharge pipe work. The universal joint is also left intact which eliminates the need for additional universal joint spare parts.

SCT enables maintenance times to be reduced by 85{87a03eb4327cd2ba79570dbcca4066c6d479b8f7279bafdb318e7183d82771cf}. The dismantling and re-assembly of SCT has been described by one customer as ‘child’s play’ as it is so quick and easy to complete.

SCT can be re-adjusted when there is evidence of wear. Simply adjusting the stator segments recreates the integrity of the sealing line and subsequently increases the pump performance back to an acceptable level. Life of the internal components can easily be doubled by the correct adjustments being made and in one instance, we have seen the rotor life increased by 650{87a03eb4327cd2ba79570dbcca4066c6d479b8f7279bafdb318e7183d82771cf}

SCT allows the rotor and stator sealing line to be clamped to suit individual duty conditions, therefore increasing the efficiency of the pump.

SCT allows pump blockages to be removed by simply removing the top stator half, allowing access to clear the debris and after re-fitting the top stator, the pump can be operational again in minutes.

SCT allows condition monitoring of the rotor and stator. Simply removing the top stator half allows access to inspect the condition of both items and if necessary schedule maintenance at a convenient time for the customer.

SCT has significantly lighter components, which has a positive impact on health and safety issues relating to manual lifting. One stator half for a 150m3/hour pump weighs only 11kgs compared to 67kgs for the equivalent stator on a conventional pump.

SCT can be easily recycled as only the rubber needs to be replaced when no more adjustments can be made and the stator is finally worn out. The cast iron stator adjusting segments are designed to be re-used time and time again.

SCT has been used in a multitude of applications in most market sectors all over the world. These include but are not limited to :-

  • Pulp and Paper
  • Environmental
  • Brewery
  • Food and Beverage
  • Biogas
  • Shipping

Contact seepex for more information.

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