Parts Cleaning Technology is cutting the cleaning time in half for various industries including automotive, marine, manufacturing, aviation and more.

In any industry, the faster you can move projects through to completion, the better. Having said that, safety is always the priority.

Celebrating its centennial year this year, NCH knows more than anyone that safety comes first.

By adopting the R&D best practice for any given product, NCH Torrent 500 Parts Cleaner technology, cuts service time by up to half, minimising safety hazards at the same time. This has resulted in reduced labour costs and delighted customers.

The Torrent system is a high pressure, water-based, parts washing solution that not only improves efficiency, and maintains workplace safety, it reduces the environmental impact. In addition to workshops and manufacturers, the technology benefits service centres, construction, transportation and mining industries to achieve the same results. No matter the application, they all need a solution that is quick, easy to use and safe.

Because of the unique combination of pressure, temperature and chemistry, the system cleans most parts in just one minute, five times faster than automatic machines. While the technology is nothing short of revolutionary, each industry agrees that Torrent is a game- changer.

“We calibrate the cleaning solution for the specific needs of every client,” said Reno Mythillos of NCH.

“We’re proud to have brought this system to the various industries that makes a noticeable difference in their workplace,” said Reno.

“On our regular service visits to maintain equipment and fluids, we get to see how they are using the Torrent, and it is always a perfect fit for their needs.”

While traditional machines use oil-based chemicals that are great at separating grease from parts, the solvents are hazardous in the workplace and on employees. NCH said the Torrent uses a combination of heat, water, a powerful detergent and pressure to achieve better results. The equipment’s detergent has a combination of corrosion inhibitors that result in a much more effective clean.

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