In 1919 things were a little different. The First World War had just ended and an unassuming businessman called Milton P. Levy from Dallas, Texas, started the National Disinfectant Company, offering only a handful of products. It didn’t seem like much at the time.

The work wasn’t glamorous. People didn’t think too hard about the soap their doctors used or how their water was treated, but it soon became clear that Milton was a pioneer in this new industry.

It turned out that Milton’s dedication to providing both quality products and service to his customers paid off. The company invested in research and development, and before long it produced almost all its own products.

When Milton died in 1946, his three sons took over the business, and they had a vision — to become a leader in the specialty maintenance market. That might not sound too exciting to most, but to the Levy brothers it was. “We love it,” they said, and so, it seems, did plenty of others.

Across the US, customers began regarding the NCH sales reps as maintenance experts, relaying their knowledge and expertise.

By the 50s and 60s offices started opening across the US, and then around the world. Now the company wasn’t just selling disinfectant, it was cleaning and conserving water, conserving energy, increasing safety, and decreasing waste. It was starting to change the world.

Today, NCH distributes to more than 50 countries, with over 8500 employees across six continents, and an extensive and varied product line. We’ve cleaned millions of gallons of water, saved gigawatts of power and kept thousands of kilos of toxic chemicals out of the environment.

Yet to this day, millions of people that benefit from the work we do have never even heard of NCH.

That’s ok with us, we’re not in it for the glory. Just like Milton P Levy when he founded the company 100 years ago, we want to make the world a better place.

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