The Shakti story dates back to 1982 producing stainless steel submersible pumps, energy saving submersible motors, vertical multistage centrifugal pumps, pressure booster, self-priming, end suction, open well and solar pumps. The company has grown phenomenally and has become one of the few pioneers in the world to produce 100 per cent stainless steel submersible pumps.

The company employs international best practice technology to manufacture its products. This technology includes cutting-edge Japanese and European machines, modern CNC machines and stamping machines.

Owing to its dedicated efforts in R&D and technological innovation, Shakti has emerged as a leading entity in the pump industry, catering to domestic as well as international markets with a notable reach of more than 100 countries. Today, Shakti is among the best brands in the world, thanks to state-of-the-art technology and continuous innovation.

The main focus of the company is to manufacture quality products matching global benchmarks with higher energy efficiency, better durability, and which are easy to maintain. With its diverse product portfolio, Shakti is catering to the world’s water needs with steady growth year after year. Equipped with strong product verticals and international standards of technological excellence, Shakti Pumps has carved a niche amongst quality conscious users around the world.

An ISO 9001-2008 certified company, Shakti has a sprawling state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Shakti manufactures diverse models of submersible pumps, motors and other application pumps for a wide range of applications. Over the years, Shakti has seen a steady growth trajectory and has become one of the leading pump manufacturers and exporters.

With its advanced assembly line system, the manufacturing facilities are equipped with highly efficient precision-equipment, specialised in rolling out intricately designed and assembled superior quality products from the factories manned by skilled and talented manpower. A fully computerised testing division monitors the performance of every pump that is made, thus maintaining consistency in quality.

As the farming community forms a major chunk of its end users, Shakti Pumps offers comprehensive and reliable pumping solutions with superior quality and energy efficiency. The pumps are largely used for applications like drinking water supply, irrigation, industrial applications and processes, pressure boosting in high rise buildings and townships, rural/urban community water supply schemes, waste and sewage water treatments and firefighting.

Shakti’s aim is to become the world’s leading pump manufacturer, attaining global benchmarks in pumping solutions. Its fully-fledged R&D division is dedicated to research and development of innovative products with new materials, applications and processes. With an urge to succeed, Shakti continually innovates and introduces new products and pumping solutions that satisfy the market needs. Quality is the key in all Shakti products. This compels the company to focus on construction and design with special care while selecting materials and production methods. Shakti uses advanced fabrication technology and produces most of the components in-house, ensuring higher standards of quality.

The excellence in quality coupled with energy efficiency is the key that differentiates Shakti Pumps from its competitors and helps it to maintain leadership in global pump industry.

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