PIA has routinely conducted an analysis of the import and export activity of commonly used pumps in the Australian market. This has been achieved by monitoring ABS Import and Export Statistics over the period 2003 – 2011. This provides some useful insights into the state of the industry and the level of manufacturing currently conducted in Australia.

Pump imports into Australia increased marginally in 2011 from 2010. Anecdotal evidence suggests bare pump production is decreasing in favour of imports. However the ability of the local industry to build pumping equipment for specific applications has increased and become more sophisticated to meet market demand.
The statistics show that growth in centrifugal pumps has been strongest, while the trend for rotary pumps has been flatter. The general growth trend of the past decade showed some drop off in 2010 but appears to be increasing again.
USA remains the main port of origin with 24 per cent of all pump imports to Australia originating in the US. China is in second place with 14 per cent, just ahead of Germany with 13 per cent. Other notable ports of origin are Japan, the UK, Sweden and Italy.

Pumps exports from Australia have shown a strong growth trend over the past decade and increased substantially in 2011, with pump parts showing the greatest improvement. Southeast Asia remains the main destination, with exports to Indonesia at 26 per cent in 2011. New Zealand is in second place with 9{87a03eb4327cd2ba79570dbcca4066c6d479b8f7279bafdb318e7183d82771cf} and other notable destinations include PNG, China and the USA.
Considering the impact of the global financial crisis, the Australian pump market seems to have performed well and demand for pumping equipment is trending upwards.

Pump types included:
The statistics are available by analysing the tariff codes applied to the goods. The following codes have been included in this analysis.
8413.50 – Other reciprocating positive displacement pumps. (diaphragm, “oil-cushion”, electro-magnetic pumps and machines using the suction or forcing action of two pistons)
8413.60 – Other rotary positive displacement pumps. (gear, vane, rotary piston, lobe type, helicoidal and peristaltic pumps)
8413.70 – Other centrifugal pumps
8413.81 – Other pumps (electro-magnetic, ejectors, emulsion, gas combustion, steam pulsators, compressed air chamber elevators and hydraulic ram pumps)
8413.91 – Pump parts



Pump types not included
Pumps for dispensing fuel or lubricants – used in filling stations, hand pumps, fuel lube or cooling medium pumps for internal combustion engines, concrete pumps, liquid elevators.



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