Water is the world’s most precious commodity. This puts the water and wastewater industry in a hugely responsible position — preserving every single drop.

Within Australia, the challenge also comes with unique opportunities. This is thanks to the variable climate, which represents various ways to capitalise on significant strengths and capabilities to manage water resources.

Vital areas that need strategic improvement and careful water resource management to meet crucial environmental obligations include:

  • Water sanitation
  • Water recycling
  • Desalination

The way forward is for both the industry as a whole and individual suppliers to consider whole-solution needs that represent a combination of cost-effectiveness and reliability.

To do this, it is necessary to sweat the small stuff. This means ensuring that the hardest working areas (and often the tiniest and most overlooked elements) of machinery and plant are not only fit for purpose but also robust, high performing and able to offer true longevity.

The smallest of actions with the greatest repercussions

Inefficiency and shutdown are the biggest monetary and environmental wastages that challenge the industry. Much is avoidable and occurs simply because the root cause is often out of plain sight. We’re talking leaks and breakdowns caused by: 

  • Worn mechanical seals in pumps and agitators
  • The failure of packaging and gaskets around pumps, valves and flanges
  • Wear and corrosion of metal and concrete surfaces
  • Premature pump failure
  • Pump energy inefficiency
  • Poor or failing seals in hydraulic and pneumatic machinery

Each of these as a standalone issue represents significant wastage. Combining two or more can have a catastrophic effect. However, addressing each and all of these can lead to a dramatic increase in standards and reliability, and a reduction in costs.

Introducing the one-stop Chesterton solution

Every area of the water and wastewater industry has a common problem: a reliable, high- quality, yet cost-effective, procurement process. Every phone call to a supplier, invoice to settle, supply chain to juggle etc. represents a cost. Then, there’s the aspect of product quality, with short lifespans of perishable parts being a major reason for inefficiency.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a single source that offered not only a wide variety of sealing and protective solutions, but world-leading products and customer service too?

Enter Chesterton, the global company with a highly documented success record in providing products that are proven to save energy, money and maintenance. Not to mention the by-product of addressing one of the planet’s most serious issues ever faced – that of climate change.

Examples of the premium products within Chesterton’s range include:

ARC efficiency and protective coatings

These easy-to-apply solutions reduce corrosion and wear on concrete and metal surfaces. They’re also used for pump repair and to increase energy efficiency. 

Examples of success stories include:

  • $60,000 energy savings per annum, thanks to the use of ARC coatings in a sewage pump
  • The restoration of four water pumps saving US$126,000 over new replacement components
  • Protecting bar screens for over a decade, saving over US$34,000
  • Eliminating wastewater solids, reducing sleeve wear and leakage by fitting Chesterton split seals and Chesterton Spiral Trac in large influent pumps, increasing effective operational use to more than nine years 
  • Reducing a city’s pump water demand by 90 per cent and saving US$56,000 per annum by switching from packing to Chesterton 442 Split Seals

These are just a few of the ways that Chesterton solutions have revolutionised the industry around the world.

The Chesterton challenge: reduce wasted water, increase efficiency, drive down costs

Addressing climate change and reliability is an ongoing challenge, and one that the water and wastewater industries face daily. Partnering with Chesterton, a dynamic company that strives to offer the latest technology, provides many advantages to its customers.

Discover how its evolutionary sealing and coating solutions can help drive towards your economic and environmental responsibilities at and 

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