From Australia’s largest sewage storage facility to jail time for pump installation fraud, 2019 was a was a big year for the pump industry. 

Here, we look back at 2019’s most read news stories, as well as our most popular timeless articles.

Top five news stories of the year:

  1. Pump importer prosecuted following electrocution death
  2. Sydney Water’s new procurement strategy looks to partner for success
  3. Australia’s largest sewage storage facility completed
  4. Jail sentence for solar heat pump installation fraud
  5. Preferred tenderers appointed for Snowy 2.0

Top five most popular timeless articles for 2019:

  1. What is the purpose of minimum flow
  2. Understanding pump curves 4: variable speed – the answer to all your prayers?
  3. Sizing a pump discharge pipe
  4. Understanding pump curves #5 : Minimum flow – part one
  5. Understanding pump curves #3: centrifugal pumps in parallel

Pump Industry e-news will be back on 16 January 2020. On behalf of the team at Pump Industry Magazine, we wish you safe holidays and a happy new year.

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