The COVID-19 pandemic continued to affect all facets of industry throughout 2021, both locally and globally, due to changing restrictions, supply chains disruptions, and international travel remaining largely off limits. As an essential service, the industry was lucky to be able to continue working.

Federal and state funding for water and wastewater, irrigation, and renewable energy projects has also continued to present a steady stream of opportunities for the industry.

Here, we take a look back at the top five news stories of the year, as well the five most popular technical articles.

Top five news stories in 2021:

1. Hydrogen projects proposed in Victoria and NSW
2. Mardie salt project awards $16 million pump contract
3. Tips for storing electric motors
4. Coal mine to be trialled in pumped hydro scheme
5.  Vale Bob Neale

Top five most popular timeless articles for 2021:

1. Understanding pump curves #4: variable speed that answer to all your prayers
2. What is the purpose of minimum flow
3. Sizing a pump discharge pipe
4. Understanding pump curves #3: centrifugal pumps in parallel
5. Understanding pump curves #5: minimum flow – part one


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