A new high head, Tsurumi submersible sub pump designed for tough jobs in dewatering and batch
plants has been launched by Australian Pump Industries.

A tough pump for tough applications. Tsurumi’s KTZ615 has the ability to handle dirty water while still maintaining high head.

A tough pump for tough applications. Tsurumi’s KTZ615 has the ability to handle dirty water while still maintaining high head.

Tsurumi, the world’s biggest manufacturer of submersible pumps, has developed the unit in recognition of the need for tough pumps that have head capabilities of up to 55m.

“Traditionally, dirty water submersible pumps aren’t designed for high head applications,” said Aussie Pumps’ Product Manager, Neil Bennett.

“The new Tsurumi development is innovative in that it used the same philosophies and technologies from the existing KTZ range, but adds extra power and a bigger impeller to drive water even higher.”

A big 6” pump, Tsurumi’s model KTZ615, uses a 15kW motor to achieve its excellent performance. The pump’s  maximum flow is 2,800lpm, while its maximum head is an incredible 55m. That high head is achieved with a single piece impeller, not multistage, made from high-chrome cast iron.

The pump has all of Tsurumi’s normal features for heavy-duty dewatering pumps that have made the company a byword for reliability. These include the unique double dual mechanical seals with integrated oil lifter.

Those seals run in oil to provide longevity and performance reliability. The unique patented oil lifter keeps oil circulating even if the pump is not running in a strictly vertical position.

They also have a pressure relief port to protect the mechanical seal faces from extreme pressure while simultaneously diverting abrasive particles away from the seal face, which is ideal for mining applications.

Located at the top of the motor, the cable is also a unique feature of Tsurumi as it has a special sealed gland that won’t let water into the motor, even if the cable is damaged or cut.

“Other pump brands allow the water from a cut cable to wick down into the motor causing catastrophic failures,” said Mr Bennett.

“Tsurumi’s unique cable block is a major leap forward in technology to virtually eliminate water ingress from the top end of the motor.”

The new KTZ is made from high-chrome cast iron and comes with a strainer that is able to handle solids of 12mm. The KTZ series is widely used in mining, tunnelling, quarries, concrete batch plants or for dewatering and piling duties.

The product is widely used in the United States, South East Asia and Europe in tough applications where lighter weight pumps simply don’t last.

“Tsurumi cut their teeth developing dewatering pumps in the 1950s during the rebuilding of Japan,” said Mr Bennett.

“Duties included land reclamation, piling and dewatering. They soon found their way into concrete batch plants as the ready-mix industry took off in Japan.”

“This partner content is brought to you by Aussie Pumps. Further information on the new KTZ615, boasting increased flows and higher heads than traditional Tsurumi KTZ dewatering pumps is available from

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