A $2.7 million system designed to resolve wastewater disposal problems in Truro, South Australia, is now operational.

The Truro Community Wastewater Management System addresses a history of problems with the failure of septic tanks and onsite soakage systems in the town.

Wastewater generated in Truro through the system in the Mid Murray Council area will be sent to the Barossa council where it will be re-used for irrigation.

South Australian Regional Development Minister, Geoff Brock, launched the system at the Pump Station, 55-57 Moorundie Street in Truro.

Mr Brock said, “South Australians understand the value of re-using water, so it’s great to see the two councils collaborating to ensure the scheme works as best as it can.

“This is another example of the commitment of regional communities supporting the wellbeing of their towns and regions.

“The state government works closely with the Local Government Association to deliver the Community Wastewater Management System across the state.”

The South Australian Government provides $4 million a year to the Local Government Association (LGA) to support the installation of new communal systems in towns like Truro where urban sewer systems are not provided by SA Water.

Local government currently operates 172 community wastewater management systems in 45 councils and authorities across the state.

The state government has so far allocated more than $38 million with councils contributing more than $20 million since the inception of the current funding agreement in July 2008.

Local Government Association President, Dave Burgess, said, “This project is a partnership between the state government, council and the LGA to address a long standing need in Truro.

“It’s also a great example of councils working with their neighbours with the system spanning both the Mid Murray and Barossa councils.

“The construction of the CWMS will return environmental, economic and public health benefits to the Truro community, and I’m excited about these outcomes as both President of the LGA and Mayor of Mid Murray Council.”

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