Tsurumi Pump is widely regarded as a leader in submersible pump technology. Distributed for the last seven years by Australian Pump Industries, the Japanese company and its product range has seen a complete rebirth in Australia.

The Tsurumi philosophy

Tsurumi is still run by the family of its founders, the Tsugimoto family, who take intense pride in providing customers worldwide with the best possible product, quality and performance.

They match that with a production efficiency level that enables the company to offer significantly better products at highly competitive prices.

Subs for all reasons

Tsurumi’s products in the single phase sector range from heavy duty agitator pumps for slurry handling to cutter pumps and solids handling pumps for sewage or wastewater.

ACMA certified

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) endorses products as being suitable for sale within Australia for applications that aren’t regarded as a permanent industrial chore.

The testing parameters are extensive and hence why many low-quality, poorly made products don’t qualify.

Users can check the approvals on the ACMA database.

Failures generated by non-ACMA listed pumps, such as property damage, electric fires or personal injury, can lead to recovery claims against the supplier or even the manufacturer.

Horses for courses

Tsurumi’s LB series is regarded as the world’s most popular, hire and construction single phase pump.

Designed specifically for these markets, these lightweight, high performance single phase pumps are narrow enough to fit down a nine inch bore or piling on construction sites.

For basic dewatering, Tsurumi follows a design principle that is simple and combines low cost with the ability to move sand and gravel.

Called the HS series, these pumps have a bottom discharge port with the automatic version using conventional float systems.

The new NK and HSD series single phase pumps are market leaders, providing higher head and greater flow.

The HSD features an integrated agitator that will move solid laden liquid from rest into slurry without issues.

Tsurumi’s TM series with titanium and poly carbon materials is ideal for dewatering corrosive liquids such as seawater or chemical-laden sewage.

Sewage pumps

UT series cast iron pumps with vortex impellers are designed for handling compressible solids in suspension. These epoxy coated sewage pumps in solid cast iron feature vortex impellers in specially compounded resin.

For larger flow sewage applications, the PU series in stainless steel and poly carbon, come into their own.

These single phase pumps are lighter than conventional cast iron sewage pumps, and offer excellent performance in both flow and head. These pumps can easily interchange with other brands.

Rental and plumbing

Rental and plumbing industries are catered for by Tsurumi’s LB series and the unique ‘Puddle Sucker’ which are able to lift water from one millimetre depths.

This provides the ability to clean up spills in factories or even mop up after floods and heavy rains.

What makes Tsurumi last longer?

All Tsurumi pumps come with unique features that justify the three year warranty.

Tsurumi’s unique cable entry system prevents water wicking down a damaged cable and reaching the motor.

Double silicon carbide seals effectively eliminate water entry from the pump chamber.

Tsurumi’s patented oil lifter is also unique to the company. Other features include thermal cut-outs on all single phase pumps that automatically stop the pump in the event of dry running before the

motor overheats.

Big industries, great prices

Australian Pump Industries wholeheartedly supports and is committed to Tsurumi’s product range in Australia, educating customers on the value and benefits of buying better quality single phase pumps.

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