Ron-astall-3Harland Engineering Australia was a joint venture between Harland of the UK (Alloa Scotland) and Industrial Engineering Ltd (IEL or Indeng), initially formed in 1941.

In the 1970s, Harland was acquired by Weir UK who sold their 50 per cent stake in Harland Australia to Indeng, so Harland then became Indeng Pumps or IEL Pumps. Harland/Indeng made all sorts of pumps for water supply, irrigation, sewage, industry and oil and gas. The oil and gas pumps were United Pumps.

The United branded pumps were made by Harland/Indeng under licence to United of California until 1984, when Indeng closed and United Pumps Australia was formed.

Ron Astall, PIA President and United Pumps Sales & Contracts Manager

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