Unitywater has partnered with a global utility company to offer custom-designed and built wastewater treatment facilities for commercial and industrial businesses in South East Queensland.

Unitywater and Suez have signed an agreement to offer custom-designed and built custom wastewater treatment facilities that are then jointly operated and maintained by the two organisations. 

Industrial operators who produce large volumes of liquid and biosolid waste, including those in food processing and manufacturing, stand to gain the most from this new product.

Industrial wastewater must be pre-treated to an environmentally acceptable standard before it is released to the sewer network.

Unitywater Corporate Development Manager, Ray Aspey, said wastewater treatment is part of Utilitywater’s core business, but it understands that it is not the core business of most industrial operators.

“This new model allows us to manage all aspects of pre-treatment on behalf of our commercial and industrial customers. This allows them to focus on what their business does best,” Mr Aspey said.

“We are confident in the success of this product, especially given that we have partnered with such a professional and well-respected global company like Suez to deliver it.”

Meeting increasingly strict wastewater licensing conditions can take time and resources away from industrial operators’ core business. The high cost of installing, upgrading or maintaining fixed treatment infrastructure can also restrict business growth and expansion.

“This onsite wastewater treatment solution is good news for business,” Suez Commercial Manager Water Technologies and Solutions, Jamie Roodenrys, said.

“It is a sensible, end-to-end solution for the financing, delivery and management of wastewater infrastructure that comes with low operational costs, is fit for purpose and environmentally compliant.

“We are proud to be working with Unitywater to deliver this product. They bring valuable skills and experience which significantly benefit industrial and commercial customers.”

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