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Works have begun on upgrading the Troy Gully Sewerage Pump Station (SPS) in Dubbo as the economic life of its 1985 original pumps, switch-gear, control-gear assembly, and housing room has come to an end.

Combined with the population growth of the city, the upgrade is required to ensure that the station continues to operate effectively for the community.

Dubbo Regional Council (DRC) and Public Works have engaged SNG Engineering to perform the works. They are expected to be completed towards the end of October 2023.

Manager Strategy Water Supply and Sewerage, Chris Godfrey, said, “The Troy Gully SPS is the main sewer station that receives all the sewage from south, central, east and north Dubbo and is one of the most critical assets in the Dubbo sewerage system.

“The SPS takes the sewage from these areas and transfers it onto the Dubbo Sewage Treatment Plan via two rising sewer mains.”

Included in the works will be an upgrade of the switchboards, ventilation and lighting systems, as well as replacement of the existing vertical pumps with submersible pumps and the construction of a new switch room.

In accordance with DRC’s 2040 Community Strategic Plan, the upgrade ensures that the Water and Sewer Infrastructure and Services meet the needs of the community, as well as continue to meet the operational requirements and compliance with the Environmental Protection Authority.

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