The Water Corporation is currently undertaking upgrades to the Karloo Wastewater Pump Station (WA) to help mitigate odour issues.

The works that have already been completed include:

• The installation of a vent with a carbon filter in the access chamber at the corner of Bonamia and Hibiscus Streets in November 2013.

• Plastic-lining and replacing the lids on the pump station and the nine access chambers in the area in June 2014.

• Installation of an additional vent system on 15 July 2014, and the sealing of two manholes and exit points on 29 July 2014.

• Installation of an extractor fan and activated carbon filter at the access chamber adjacent to Clematis Crescent on 2 August 2014.

The Karloo Wastewater Pump Station remains under construction and the upgrades are expected to be complete by February 2015. Some of the works within this project will include:

• The installation of an odour scrubber scheduled for October 2014.

• A full upgrade of the pump station’s electrical and mechanical equipment including the installation of larger pumps, motor and switchboard; scheduled for completion in February 2015.

• The removal of excess water from a stormwater sump in the city of Geraldton to further reduce odour. Surrounding soil will also be treated.

The Water Corporation states that the full upgrade should resolve any odour issues associated with the pump station.

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