Gippsland Water has announced it will begin works that are aimed at increasing the capacity of the sewer system in Warragul’s north-east.

The project, for which a $7 million contract was awarded in late 2023, involves upgrading a 1.5km section of existing sewer main by installing a new larger pipeline.

The new pipeline will transfer all wastewater from homes and businesses in Warragul’s north-east future boundary to the town’s wastewater treatment plant.

Gippsland Water said that construction will begin within the boundaries of the Warragul wastewater treatment plant before progressing in a northerly direction towards Stoddarts Road.

Managing Director, Sarah Cumming, said the new sewer main was an important upgrade and would help prepare for Warragul’s future.

“We always look ahead and plan for the future to determine what services our customers will need and when.

“It’s essential for our network to be able to withstand pressures like population growth, rainfall variability and climate change.

“The existing sewer main was built in 1971, when there were fewer homes and businesses in the area, but it is now nearing capacity.

“Upgrades like this one also benefit the environment by reducing the risk of spills and main failures.” 

Construction is expected to begin in April, with traffic management in place on roads at various times during construction.

Gippsland Water said the project is on track to be completed in mid-2025.

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