Two Victorian water utilities are working together to build a new pipeline and pump station for Tatura (VIC).

The new pipeline will be built under an agreement between Goulburn Murray Water (GMW) and Goulburn Valley Water (GVW) to benefit people in the town of Tatura and irrigators in the surrounding district.

Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water, Lisa Neville said the new $1.5 million pipeline and pump station will provide a more secure and better quality water supply for the town.

Goulburn Valley Water’s forecasts about future increased demand for water given expected industry and population growth in the town are a major driver for the project. The agreement between GVW and GMW brings Tatura into GMW’s Connections Project to achieve water savings and modernise the town’s water supply.

Goulburn Valley Water General Manager Technical Services, Steve McKenzie, said “The project is a win-win for both corporations and more importantly for customers of both organisations – with the connection of Tatura township and irrigators in the surrounding district.”

The GMW’s Connections Project will see a 3.3 kilometre pipeline constructed and a new pump station installed near the town’s water treatment plant. Currently Tatura’s water supply comes from a GMW channel which closes during the winter months, when an alternative supply is needed.

Goulburn Valley Water has committed $1 million to fund the project, with GMW funding the balance. GMW will manage construction and future operation and maintenance of the system.

Minister Neville said the agreement was a great example of water authorities working together to get the best outcomes for Victorian communities.

“I want to see our water authorities meeting the challenges of population growth, climate change and increasing demands on our water supplies – and I congratulate GMW and GVW on reaching this innovative agreement,” Ms Neville said.

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