Specialist metallurgy business, Advanced Interactive Materials Science Limited (AIMS), has successfully manufactured a Venturi Valve using HIPed powder metallurgy and
near-net shaping techniques.

Used to measure the flow of oil and gas as it comes out of the ground, Venturi Valves need to withstand extreme conditions and meet stringent oil and gas industry subsea standards.

The Venturi Valve is another cutting-edge component for the oil and gas industry from AIMS. Last year the UK-based company unveiled a patented mud motor stator (featuring a telemetry hole) that can resist corrosive, erosive and abrasive conditions at high operating temperatures.

AIMS Technical Director Geoff Archer said: “Replacing Venturi Valves is a difficult and costly process, so producing components with high quality isotropic material structures that reduce manufacturing risk and maintenance costs is something the industry is keen to exploit.

“We believe we have accomplished this with the Venturi Valve, which has exceeded all technical test results to date. It’s extremely exciting and initial feedback from the oil and gas industry has been positive.”

There is growing demand for HIPed and near-net shaped products due to the efficiency of the process and the quality of the component. However, the mechanical properties of the end result have to meet specific international standards, and until now this has not always been achieved.

The AIMS product, when tested, revealed that it had zero argon ingress during the hot isostatic pressing process.

“This is an outstanding result, as it has overcome one of the major problems for the industry. It highlights the high quality standard of our powder containments and HIPing capabilities which, when coupled with near-net shaping techniques, minimise the need for second stage machining,” explained Mr Archer.

At the cutting edge of manufacturing technology, near-net shaping delivers savings in terms of energy, materials and labour, whilst allowing complex structures to be created, such as the Venturi Valve and the mud motor stator with telemetry hole.

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