Optimal control of pump speed helps to significantly reduce energy consumption.

The Grundfos CUE is a variable frequency drive for the effective speed control of any Grundfos pump without integrated drives – irrespective of size or area of application.

Perfectly suited for pump applications in industrial pumping solutions, Grundfos CUE keeps pump speed optimal and reduces energy consumption.

New functionality means that an additional 5-15 per cent of energy is saved in applications with stable flow rates.

Maximum convenience and advanced user interface

Grundfos CUE is an integral part of Grundfos iSOLUTIONS. Offering simple installation and operation coupled with extensive control and monitoring possibilities, Grundfos CUE is perfectly suited for pump applications in the water or wastewater network, building services, or industrial pumping solutions.

Dedicated functionality for industrial pump systems

With dedicated functionality for industrial systems, Grundfos CUE ensures fully optimised operation in these applications:

Grundfos Cue

Industrial water supply

  • Pipe fill mode improves system reliability, prevents water hammering and is specifically designed for both vertical and horizontal pipe systems to increase system performance and prevent water hammer in the application
  • Low flow stop function offers improved energy optimisation, easy configuration and high comfort
  • Built-in cascade control of two fixed-speed pumps allows increased flow by simple cascade option of up to two fixed-speed pumps and easy set-up from the start-up guide

Industrial processes

  • High overload and constant torque – the torque characteristic is normally set to variable torque for centrifugal pumps. However, Grundfos CUE offers a constant torque characteristic optimised for:
    » Higher starting torque
    » Screw spindle pumps
    » Load shocks in machine tool pumps
  • Stop at minimum speed function, which ensures that the pump will stop after a selected time when the controller is in saturation, forcing the pump to run at minimum speed.

Do you have a fixed-speed pump system running all the time? Contact Grundfos and the team can help you to optimise your installation by adding a CUE frequency driver.

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