Elmore water tower

The Elmore Water Treatment Plant in north central Victoria will be upgraded as part of a three phase project, including rehabilitating the Elmore Water Tower and increasing water storage through additional water tanks and a booster pump station. 

The $750,000 project will take several years to complete. Coliban Executive General Manager Climate and Population Adaptation, Steve Healy, said the project is proactive in nature and aims to maintain a long-term secure water supply to Elmore. 

“The Elmore Water Treatment Plant services about 700 people in the town of Elmore, so it’s important this population has a secure supply,” Mr Healy said.

The project will be undertaken in three phases.

“Phase One is simply the preparation of the site. This will include things like extending the fence line, burying stormwater drainage, extending the sewer and some clearing work,” Mr Healy said.

Phase Two will be an increase in water storage thanks to three 50 kilolitre water tanks and a booster pump station, while Phase Three will include rehabilitating the existing elevated tank for longevity.

Coliban Water spent more than $1 million in upgrades to the Elmore Water Treatment Plant in 2014, including the addition of a disinfection unit and pH correction facility.

The Tower’s height, which determines the level of water pressure, has not been altered since its construction in the 1960s.

“This project is about protecting Elmore’s water into the future; through increasing supply as well as improving our assets.

“We understand the huge responsibility we have to maintain and update assets across our entire region so that communities can rely on clean and safe drinking water as well as hygienic wastewater services into the future,” Mr Healy said.

Two major planning projects are underway at Coliban Water, including the Pricing Submission 2023 and Urban Water Strategy, to plan for investments into the future. 

For more information visit https://connect.coliban.com.au/elmore-water-tower

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