The Water Industry Operators Association of Australia (WIOA) held its Victorian conference in late June, and shared the winning outcome for the Best Tasting Tap Water award.

Taking out the award for Victoria’s Best Tasting Tap Water was Healesville and its sample from the Cresswell Water Treatment Plant, which is operated by Melbourne Water. 

It finished on top in a taste test, involving a thirsty panel of technical water experts and water connoisseurs, at the Water Industry Operators Association of Australia (WIOA) Victorian conference in Bendigo. They assessed colour, clarity, odour and taste.

Melbourne Water Managing Director, Dr Nerina Di Lorenzo, said the accolade is well deserved. 

“This is a fantastic example of the world-class water Melbourne Water produces, not just in Healesville which is the lucky recipient of the best tap water in Victoria, but across our entire region,” Dr Di Lorenzo said.

“Melbourne is one of the few cities in the world with protected catchments, which helps us to produce drinking water of the highest standard. Melbourne Water sources the majority of Melbourne’s water from remote, forested mountain streams.

“This process coupled with our protected catchments is the reason why most of our drinking water needs very little treatment before it hits Melbourne’s taps.”

Yarra Valley Water distributes the award-winning water to the community. Managing Director, Pat McCafferty, is thrilled the water the utility supplies to customers has been voted the best tasting in Victoria.  

“There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes in treatment plants to provide clean and pleasant drinking water on a daily basis,” Mr McCafferty said. 

“This award is a testament to the excellent quality of Melbourne’s water, and to the commitment of our operating teams who work hard to ensure the water we deliver is not only safe, but also tastes good. Water is a vital part of our everyday life, so we’re very fortunate to have access to healthy, clean drinking water straight from our taps.”

There was tough competition in the final, with Goulburn Valley Water and Central Highlands Water also delivering quality products. 

Melbourne Water will now represent Victoria at the National Championships in NSW, in November 2022. The winner will progress to the International Water Tasting Competition in the US. 

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