Tivan Limited has announced its plans to integrate hydro power into energy supply for its Speewah Fluorite Project, located in Western Australia.

Tivan Limited and Pacific Hydro have executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and will initially focus on evaluation of energy supply from the Ord River Hydro Power Plant, located 85km from the Speewah site.

Tivan Limited has also engaged Horizon Power, a Western Australian State Government-owned power company, to complete a feasibility study on power supply and transmission options for the Speewah Fluorite Project. The results are expected to be incorporated into the pre-feasibility study for the project, being overseen by engineering and construction company Lycopodium, which is due mid-2024.

Tivan Limited said that as part of development planning for the Speewah Fluorite Project, the Tivan Board is pursuing an energy supply strategy that optimises renewable electricity supply as part of the energy supply mix, with the MoU and feasibility study expected to facilitate the strategy. The MoU has been signed on a non-exclusive basis.

As part of the pre-feasibility study for the Speewah Fluorite Project, Tivan Limited said that Lycopodium will develop a mechanical equipment list and determine equipment utilisation and power factors to determine preliminary baseload power requirements for the project. 

A power options supply study will also be completed during the pre-feasibility study, which will make an assessment of capital and operating expenditure and estimation of a levelised cost of power for various supply options. 

Options being considered include traditional thermal power generation (diesel and liquified natural gas), as well as exploration of avenues to use renewable energy and battery storage systems as part of a hybridised approach.

The next steps in development of the energy supply strategy include:

  • Completion of evaluation of power supply from the Ord River Hydro Power Plant with Pacific Hydro
  • Completion of power supply and transmission options feasibility study with Horizon Power
  • Completion of power options supply study with Lycopodium for the PFS
  • Integration of work with Pacific Hydro and Horizon Power into the PFS
  • Ongoing program of engagement with Traditional Owners and regional stakeholders
  • Ongoing engagement with the WA and Federal Governments, including relevant agencies such as the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility

Pacific Blue’s CEO, Domenic Capomolla, said, “Pacific Blue is proud of our history of renewable energy supply to the Eastern Kimberley region for over 30 years and are committed to working with Traditional Owners, Horizon Power and local industry to further the reach of our uniquely renewable power in the region post the closure of the Argyle Diamond Mine. 

“We are delighted to see the progress Tivan has achieved on their Speewah project.” 

Tivan Limited’s Executive Chairman, Grant Wilson, said, “The Board of Tivan is delighted to unveil our renewable energy strategy for the Speewah project.

“Speewah hosts two world-class critical mineral deposits, at a proximate location to existing transmission infrastructure. This affords a unique opportunity to develop long-life green critical minerals, thereby delivering large-scale sustainable development to the East Kimberley region.

“Our Board recognises the cultural and social significance of Ord River Hydro and the crucial importance of enhanced engagement with Traditional Owners and community stakeholders through the planning phase. We extend our thanks to Pacific Hydro and Horizon Power in these collaborative efforts, ensuring that positive community impacts are maximised throughout.”

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