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A pump station in Wattle Grove is the latest water asset to be transformed with a colourful mural. 

As part of Water Corporation’s Splash of Colour program, the pump station has been decorated with the distinct shapes of banksia leaves and the colours of the environment. 

Helena Valley artist, Leanne Bray, worked with Wattle Grove Primary School year two students, with the children cutting out the shapes of banksia leaves and layering them on cardboard to create their own mural, which inspired the final design. 

The once faded pump station on the corner of St John and Kelang roads now features the earthy tones of native flora, with the colours of surrounding suburbia. 

Splash of Colour artworks have been created on Water Corporation water and wastewater infrastructure since 2017, aiming to tell local stories of water and how it interacts with the land. 

The Wattle Grove mural aims to show the beauty and resilience of waterwise plants that flourish in the local environment, even when there is little rainfall, and the importance of water as a valued resource. 

The Splash of Colour program is part of the Cook Government’s Kep Katitjin-Gabi Kaadadjan (Waterwise Perth Action Plan 2), which aims to establish Boorloo (Perth) and Bindjareb (Peel) as leading waterwise cities by 2030. 

Under the plan, Water Corporation is working with local communities to strengthen community connection to local water stories and the environment. 

Western Australian Minister for Water, Simone McGurk, said, “It’s fantastic to see a faded Wattle Grove pump station turned into a stunning artwork that reflects the colours and nature of the surrounding neighbourhood, giving it a sense of place. 

“Having experienced one of the driest and hottest summers ever, it’s fitting that we are inspired by a water story that shows the relationship of water to local native flora that has thrived for thousands of years in hot, dry conditions. 

“More than ever, we need to look to nature to show us how to keep our environment green and cool. 

“Through the Splash of Colour program, we’ve worked with communities across the State to bring local water stories to life on more than 75 Water Corporation assets.” 

Forrestfield MLA, Stephen Price, said, “This artwork reminds us of the beauty of our local environment and how we can maintain it without the need for excessive water. 

“The children of Wattle Grove Primary School should be proud of their contribution to turning this building, which was something of an eyesore to its neighbours, into a beautiful work of art. 

“Importantly, having local children involved in the program helps them learn about the relationship between water and plants, that they can share with their families.” 

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