Western Australia’s North Wanneroo Water Use Efficiency Grants Scheme has opened, with the State Government providing $600,00 to help horticulture growers adapt to climate change.

Three streams of grants are available for growers to invest in infrastructure, strategies and solutions that modernise operations and increase business margins.

Up to $5,000 is available to engage irrigation professionals to audit and design efficient irrigation systems and provide advice on suitable technology, soil amendment and cropping strategies.

Growers can also apply for up to $30,000 to cover up to half the cost of installing technology or infrastructure that increases water use efficiency, including system design, irrigation components, soil and crop sensor technology, and permanent protected cropping facilities, such as glasshouses or shade houses.

Grants to a maximum of $20,000 can also be accessed to cover up to half the cost of soil amelioration, like treating paddocks with clay or clay-compost soil amendments to improve soil water holding capacity and increase ability to farm under a biological system.

The scheme is open to eligible horticulture businesses in the North Wanneroo district, which includes Carabooda, Nowergup and Neerabup.

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