The Western Australian Government has announced that its 2024-2025 State Budget includes new funding to boost the reliability of water infrastructure in the state.

The $79.9 million funding will replace priority sections of Western Australia’s water and wastewater networks to mitigate risk of future blockages, leaks and bursts.

A total of $39.5 million is being provided to reline wastewater pipes in the Perth metropolitan area and regional Western Australia using trenchless technology where possible, which is hoped will minimise the impact on communities by reducing the need for extensive excavation. The technology works by winding a plastic spiral inside the existing pipe to reline it.

The remaining $40.4 million is expected to be used to renew priority sections of water pipes in some of Western Australia’s older suburbs, many of which have been in service for the last century.

Perth’s sandy soil profile means some leaks may not be immediately visible on the surface. Replacing ageing sections of piping helps save valuable water and reduces disruption to the community.

Leaks can be caused by numerous factors including the location and age of the asset, pipe material, soil conditions, tree roots or nearby construction.

Water Corporation supplies water to more than 2.6 million customers via 52,000km of pipeline right across the state, including 15,000km of water main in the Perth metropolitan area.

Western Australian Water Minister, Simone McGurk, said, “The Cook Government is continuing to provide significant investment for essential maintenance, such as relining or replacing ageing pipes, to prevent leaks and bursts.

“We are committed to reliable essential services for Perth and Western Australia’s regions, and are pumping $39.5 million into relining wastewater pipes using trenchless technology to minimise disruption for communities.

“Many of the water pipes in the older suburbs of Perth are close to 100 years old and were designed to carry water in a very different time when there were far fewer people living in Western Australia.

“People often don’t think about this sort of infrastructure because it’s out of sight. However, these investments are critical to ensure the state’s water supply reliability for the future.”

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