An Aerial view image of Geraldton, Western Australia

New wastewater infrastructure at Glenfield Beach in Western Australia is set to support the delivery of at least 1,000 new homes in the area.

The $7.5 million Water Corporation project saw a new wastewater pump station built at the southern end of Glenfield Beach Drive, with a 2.2km pipeline also constructed to safely convey wastewater to a nearby treatment plant.

The pump station will begin operating following further connection works.

The project also supports wider development across the City of Greater Geraldton, which is among the fastest growing regional local government areas in Australia, with an additional 5,500 residents expected to call Glenfield Beach home in coming years.

Water Corporation has allocated $14.3 million to new water, wastewater and drainage projects in the Mid West in 2023-24 under the 2024-25 State Budget.

Western Australian Minister for Water, Simone McGurk, said, “To cater for expected population growth in Geraldton and across the region, it’s vital we maintain strong investment in service infrastructure that allows land to be developed and homes to be built. 

“Often this infrastructure is buried beneath our feet and rarely thought about, however, it performs an essential function for the community.

“This project is a vital step by Water Corporation and the Western Australian Government to support the construction of around 2,000 new homes in Glenfield Beach, helping to ensure housing stock keeps pace with population growth.   

“Across the Mid West this financial year, Water Corporation has allocated $14.3 million to water, wastewater and drainage projects needed to support growing communities under the 2024-25 State Budget.”    

Geraldton MLA, Lara Dalton, said, “It’s an exciting time for Geraldton and the Mid West, with significant progress being made on developing the Oakajee Strategic Industrial Area, which will generate investment, employment and economic opportunities across the region.

“As more and more people are drawn to the region through the creation of new job opportunities, it’s vital we have infrastructure in place that allows for sensible, sustainable development.

“Glenfield Beach is expected to be home to thousands of people in coming years and thanks to this project by Water Corporation, we can support continued growth in the area.”

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