In late 2016, a large commercial laundry business in Sydney decided to replace its two aging Gorman-Rupp 14A20-B trash pumps, which had been in service at the plant since 1989.

The two existing pumps had been operating in quite a harsh environment, pumping used laundry water back to an internal treatment plant.

The business provides laundry services for a broad range of customers, including health care, hospitality, food processing, manufacturing, retail offices and workplaces. Therefore, the Gorman-Rupp pumps are expected to pump varying degrees of wastewater, including suspended solids such as grit and cloth fibres.

Although the two existing pumps were still operating satisfactorily, it was decided to renew them to ensure continued first-rate and dependable service into the future.

The advantage of choosing to replace the existing 14A20-B pumps, which had been in service for 27 years, with new 14A20-B pumps was that they would sit on the same footprint and would line up with the existing piping arrangement.

Often when one goes to replace an appliance that is over 25 years old, the model has been replaced with a less robust contemporary alternative. This is not the case with this Gorman-Rupp pump. It weighs the same as it did 30 years ago, with the same quality iron and steel used in its construction. The only changes are the gasket and seals materials, and the bearings as they have improved over the years.

To make sure pumps perform exactly as they should, every Gorman-Rupp pump is tested at the factory prior to the pumps being shipped.

The new pumps were built onto bases with new motors by Hydro Innovations at its Sydney factory, and the two pump sets were delivered and installed.

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