Flood aftermath in NSW

Repairs, upgrades and refurbishments to water and sewerage infrastructures continue in the wake of extreme downpour and flood events on New South Wales’ Central Coast.

Central Coast Council will oversee three major ongoing projects this month, continuing flood clean up efforts and improving future resiliency.

Davistown and St Huberts Island Vacuum Sewer Refurbishment

The vacuum sewer systems at Davistown and St Huberts Island are currently being refurbished to improve the reliability and resilience of the system.

The refurbishment works will see key parts replaced in the existing sewer pots together with the installation of a ‘pillar’ next to the pot.

The installation of the pillar will allow the critical components to be located above flood water levels, ensuring that the sewer system remains effective during major weather events.

Major water and sewer upgrades for Gosford CBD

Major infrastructure upgrades continue in Gosford CBD which will support economic and population growth by providing critical new water and sewer infrastructure for the CBD.

The project spans 66 projects (43 water projects and 23 sewer projects) with sites stretching from the Gosford waterfront, through the Gosford CBD shopping precinct, to areas in the vicinity of Gosford Hospital and Gosford Golf Course.

This project is proudly funded by the NSW Government through the Housing Acceleration Fund (HAF) and part of a $42.5million funding.

Flood recovery and clean up in the drinking water catchments.

Council staff are inspecting and repairing damaged access tracks and associated minor landslips.

Areas of significant stream bank erosion are being identified, investigated and prioritised for repair.

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